27. March: Between rough cut and fine cut, part ii

An upate: my partner and I both had busy weekends, so we worked mostly independently. I came in for a few hours and did very little actual work in premier. Mostly, I just had the clips open and jotted down a ton of notes/ideas about how to fit all the different pieces together. I grouped […]

10. March 2017: Filmmaking, Interview Plan

Our film proposal was largely based on a certain method for trying to capture “subjective religious experience.” Our plan, from the proposal, is to begin with an interview, and then develop the insights from that interview into an understanding of our subject’s experience of her religion.  We hope our interviews will, in turn, inform our […]

Week 4. Ways of Seeing: the fiction of reality–VERTOV

This week, again, I focused (for my response) on one filmmaker, and, in fact, one film–Vertov’s “Man with a Movie Camera.” I chose to sketch a few scenes from the film, and then reflect on how they relate to certain element’s of Vertov’s “Variant of a Manifesto.” Mostly, my reflections relate to cuts between scenes […]